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The Mosquito Shield™ brand carries a line of DEET-based insect repellents ranging from 5% – 30% DEET formulations for total “Fight the Bite”™ mosquito protection.
Whether sitting in your backyard enjoying a cool drink or hiking in the True North… Mosquito Shield™ has you covered!

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Apply mosquito Shield Repellent whenever you plan to go outdoors. Mosquitoes tend to be most active at dawn and dusk.

Mosquito Shield Offers a lineup of Deet Repellents with concentration levels from 5% to 30%. Make sure to read labels before applying.

Health Canada recombines using a product contains no more than 10% deet for children 10 years and younger. For Children and adults over then 12 repellents can be used up to 30% DEET. DEET insect repellent should not be used on children 6 months and younger.

DEET is the main active ingredient in Mosquito Shield™ repellents.

Spray exposed areas, work into skin & spread evenly, apply to hands and then rub areas of the face, neck, ears and so on. As always read the label instructions.

Apply the sunscreen first, wait 20 minutes then apply the repellent.

No, it is not a registered product to be used on pets, so no!